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Willow Swanson

Jazz/Tap/Contemporary/Hip Hop

Beginning with classical jazz, and soon expanding to a variety of styles including tap, hip hop, and contemporary, Willow Swanson fell in love with dance early on.  Fascinated by other types of movement, as well as how to apply them to dance, she has also trained in Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Yoga, and Acrobatics, and rock climbs as another way to train.  She has collaborated with a number of Portland locals such as DarVejon Jones, Alicia Cutaia, Jamuna Chiarini, Beth Whelan, and Amelia Unsicker, and her performance experiences include dancing with Portland companies Polaris Dance Theatre, Agneizska Laska Dancers, and Tongue Dance Project, as well as the Vancouver-based company Horizon3 Dance.  Credits also include performing with Victoria Perez at the Young Choreographer’s Festival 2019 in New York City, showing and performing her own work at Chapel Theatre earlier the same year, and several small film roles.

As an instructor and company assistant at Dance Fusion, Willow is responsible for re-staging and setting all the company pieces for their original holiday production ‘Christmas Stories’.  She also continues to work with dance companies and independent artists on several types projects, including live shows, film and photography, and dance outreach.