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A little bit about us

Dance Fusion NW is a locally owned studio voted Best of Clark County in 2016!

Here’s how it happened...

Carla Kendall-BraySo I admit it, I was a reluctant dance studio owner. My mother owned her own studio and most of us don’t want to be our mother no matter how great they are. However! She was a phenomenal example of creativity, care, love and passion for the art of dance and instruction. By osmosis (and the fact that we almost always had a studio in our home!) I was very fortunate to witness & soak up information and learn techniques for teaching that come with years of experience. In 2004, after 35+ years training, performing, instructing and choreographing in Vancouver, Portland, Los Angeles, NY, Hong Kong and subsequently Vancouver again, Dance Fusion NW was born.

 Thank you for your interest in DFNW. We look forward to the opportunity to work with and get to know you!

Warmly ~

Carla Kendall-Bray, Owner

What Makes Us Unique

We are so fortunate to live in an area rich with wonderful dance studios and performance opportunities and are proud to be a part of this community. Each organization brings their own, unique energy and style to the dance world. At Dance Fusion NW, here’s a little bit about what moves and makes us.

  • A fun, family oriented, caring learning environment
  • Well-rounded, professional dance training in all major dance styles
  • Highly trained, working industry instructors
  • Original, theatrically based performances
  • Sprung dance floors (basket weave design) for optimal safety
  • An original holiday production “Christmas Stories” presented by our performance groups
  • Shiny, happy dancers!
Dance Fusion NW Is...

A professional, positive, family oriented dance & performing arts education studio with a focus on the joy and passion of performance. Where style and technique blend with showmanship and a sense of humor!


Our mission is to INSPIRE each individual and instill an appreciation and love for the beautiful art of DANCE as well as the joy of PERFORMANCE. Fostering camaraderie and social skills alongside discipline, passion and self expression. From the recreational to the serious, ENCOURAGE each dancer exactly where they are and CELEBRATE their own personal achievements and innate gifts.

Dance Fusion NW Does...

Love performing! In addition to our annual original holiday production “Christmas Stories” and our Annual Spring Showcase, DFNW also participates in numerous community events. Local performances include: The Clark County Fair, The Portland Trailblazers, Pioneer Courthouse Square Atmospherics, The Oregon Zoo, The Festival of Trees, Discovery Walk, OSU’s Dance Against Hunger, the VA Hospital, Oktoberfest and many local schools and retirement facilities.


Love Traveling! Dance Fusion also performs in Disneyland and travels to New York, Los Angeles and surrounding areas for advanced training including dance conventions and workshops.

Dance Fusion NW Supports...

DFNW nurtures a student philosophy of dancing for joy and sharing that whenever possible. In a foundation of respect & gratitude for each other as well as our neighbors and community, DFNW has donated time and/or funding to local organizations including:

The Dougy Center, The Challenge Games of Clark County, The American Cancer Society Pediatric Research, The Children’s Cancer Association, 65 Roses Cystic Fibrosis, OSU’s Dance Against Hunger, International Rett Syndrome Association and bi-annually donates to Share House a portion of the proceeds from their Holiday and Spring performances.

The Fuse Dance Force

Dance Fusion NW is also home to the new non-profit performance company and scholarship program “The Fuse Dance Force”. For more information and details, see the website at

What People are Saying...

  • “Dance Fusion offers a very personalized experience for each child. Our son was the only boy in his class (Tap and Jazz Combo) and never felt like the odd one out. He has been challenged and encouraged, and never once has he lamented that he is the only boy. For our children, the highlight of the year is the June Performance. The quality of this performance speaks to the Dance Fusion culture of strong work ethic, passion, and undying love of performance arts. Our son and daughter have developed a love and a passion for the performing arts and Dance Fusion ignited it.”
  • “We joined the Dance Fusion Family in the spring of 2015, yet it seems like we have been dancing with them longer. There is a culture that draws in not only the dancers, but the families. Carla has surrounded herself with an amazing group of instructors. Together they have created a safe environment that not only fosters creative expression through movement and performance, but also challenges the students to commit to their art.”
  • “There is so much more that happens at DFNW beyond the instruction of dance. DFNW is a place where life lessons are learned. The experiences our daughter, Chloe, has had at this studio have challenged her in a way that her confidence and stage presence have increased beyond what we could have ever imagined. Chloe has benefited from top-notch instructors who not only believed in her, but were so invested and inspiring that they have had a life-changing effect. As a parent, I feel this invaluable sense of community and support amongst our many amazing DFNW families. Carla Kendall-Bray puts her heart into making her studio a positive, professional, encouraging environment to explore dance and for that, we are so truly thankful!”
  • “What a great move it was to join this studio! Not only do I have a very happy and flourishing dancer, but a new family, too. Carla and her incredible staff teach that grace comes both from the body and the soul. Super balance between fun and learning.”
  • “Our girls grew up dancing with Carla at Dance Fusion NW. Their experiences have given them not only a positive self image, but also taught them how to give back to the community through the expression of dance. Thank you!”
  • “My 9 year old shuffle-ball-steps her way through the day, twirls in the checkout line and chasses to the bus! Thank you for the incredible role models & opportunity. We Love You!”
  • “Dance Fusion provides and amazing environment for dancers to grow. Carla and all the staff create a feeling of creativity, encouragement & technical training that combines for a powerful experience as a student.”